A very valid question for any purchaser as the number of good quality manufacturers approaching the purchaser leaves him in dilemma to choose the best out of a lot.

With a well equipped and state of the art of manufacturing facility that empowers the company to efficiently design and manufacture unmatched range of PVC insulated wires and round-multicore cables, the company has proven its product portfolio to be the best in the industry. The company is well versed with the trends and challenges prevailing in the industry and has ultra modern machines for accuracy and perfection in manufacturing. Jainson super wires are ISI marked and are duly approved by FIA/TAC.

Crafted from virgin polymer and electro-grade copper, the company’s products are committed to minimum power consumption.

Jainson wires are water proof, weather proof, high voltage (water immersion), low resistance, flame tested, durable and tropical. These wires are eco-friendly as well as non-toxic. The most important features of these wires are – they are fire resistant and led free. Some other salient features are – they are no halogen, non carcinogic and anticorrosive.

Conductors : The conductors are drawn from bright electrolytic grade copper, which leads to high degree of conductivity.

Insulation : The insulation prevents from ingression and abrasion. The strand, solid and flexible conductors are insulated with genuine polymer-polyvinyl chloride.

Sheath : The sheath extrusion is done in the same manner as insulating process in highly sophisticated extrusion lines. The strand, solid and flexible conductors give perfect contact with the paste, which eliminates spat heating and sparking. Guage, diameter and other necessary dimensions are conforming the requirements of IS:8130-1984.

Note : All the wires and cables are packed in 90 mts. coil length.

Standard Colour : Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green. Any specific colour required can be made upon requirement.